August 23-27, 2023

The German Canoe Federation has created official Duisburg 2023 merchandising.

Those products can be purchased here



Around the regatta course the following possibilities for camping are still available:

Update: Freibad Wolfssee is now available for booking again (a part of the meadow is closed off for tents). Contact: Mr Karaoglu, Tel: +49 (0)173 1526902, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

At the World Championships in Duisburg, the best canoeists from more than 100 nations from five continents will compete. There are 42 titles at stake and even more. The World Championships in Duisburg are the qualifying regatta for participation in the 2024 Olympic Games and Paralympics in Paris.

So far, there is only a preliminary schedule. You can find it here.

The 30 disciplines in which the decisions will be sailed are:


Women Canoe Women Kayak
WC1 200m WK1 200m
WC2 200m WK2 200m
WC1 500m WK1 500m
WC2 500m WK2 500m
WC4 500m WK4 500m
WC1 1.000m WK1 1.000m
WC1 5.000m WK1 5.000m
Men Canoe Men Kayak
MC1 200m MK1 200m
MC1 500m MK1 500m
MC2 500m MK2 500m
MC4 500m MK4 500m
MC1 1.000m MK1 1.000m
MC2 1.000m MK2 1.000m
MC1 5.000m MK1 5.000m
Mixed Canoe Mixed Kayak
XC2 500m XK2 500m

The following 12 decisions will be held in Paracanoe:


Men Paracanoe Women Paracanoe
Mens VL1 Womens VL1
Mens VL2 Womens Vl2
Mens VL3 Womens VL3
Mens KL1 Womens KL1
Mens KL2 Womens KL2
Mens KL3 Womens KL3


  • M = Men 
  • W = Women
  • K = Kajak
  • C = Canadier
  • KL = Kanu Level
  • VL = Va Level 


... via public transport starting at Duisburg Central Station:

Use the bus lines 920, 928, 930, 931 or 934

Use the train line S1 in direction Düsseldorf and leave at the first exit at "Duisburg-Schlenk" (15 minute walk)

Use the metro line U79 in direction Düsseldorf and leave at the exit "Grunewald" (15 minutes walk).

Here you can set up an individual schedule.

... via car

from direction east or west:

From motorways A40 or A42, switch at interchange Duisburg-Nord or Duisburg to A59 in direction Düsseldorf use exit no. 13 !DU-Wanheimerort / Wedau"

from direction north or south:

From motorway A3 use exit no. 15 "DU-Wedau" or from motorway A59 use exit no. 13( "DU-Wanheimerort/Wedau"

The Sportpark Duisburg has parking space for more than 5,000 vehicles.

... via plane

Airport Dusseldorf International (DUS)

Use the local SkyTrain from the terminal to the station "Düsseldorf Flughafen". You can use any train into northern direction until Duisburg central station or the S1 to the exit "Duisburg-Schlenk"

Airport Niederrhein/Weeze (NRN)

Use the shuttle bus to Duisburg central station

Airport Dortmund (DTM)

Use local transport to Dortmund Central Station and take a train to Duisburg Central Station