Below you will find the latest information about Corona (22.03.2021)

In order to support you in your planning for participation in Duisburg, we would like to point out the following important sources of information, especially regarding entry into Germany.

We will provide information on the "Corona Rules" that will apply during the event in due course.


1. Overview of international risk areas provided by German Foreign Office:

2. Further legal provisions of the federal state of North-Rhine-Westphalia:

These sources of information are regularly updated by the authorities and adapted to the respective pandemic development. We therefore urge and recommend that you check them regularly for any changes that may be relevant to you.


Unfortunately, the Corona Entry Regulations of the Federal Government and North Rhine-Westphalia are only valid for a certain period of time. Therefore, we cannot provide any information that far in advance. The Corona Entry Regulations of NRW are valid until 28.03.2021 and the Federal Corona Entry Regulations are valid until 31.03.2021. The measures applicable thereafter are not yet known.

For orientation we provide the current Federal regulations:

-Entrants from virus variant areas must have negative test evidence upon entry and must sequester themselves domestically for fourteen days. Free testing is not possible.

-Entrants from risk areas that are not a virus variant or high incidence area must isolate themselves domestically for ten days if they do not have negative test evidence. Testing can also be made up after entry. Seclusion is mandatory until the result is received.

-Entrants from high-incidence areas must also have a negative test certificate upon entry. Then, as with the "other" risk areas, the segregation obligation does not apply.

-The test must meet the following criteria:

-- carried out no more than 48 hours before entry
-- in English, French or German
-- PCR test or PoC rapid test (no self-test)
-- Details to consider: 

-also a registration of the entry in advance on is mandatory.

By June, the categories and measures may have changed completely. Vaccinated people are not included at this time. Therefore, we will likely have to adjust to other measures in the short term.