We stand for clean sports. For this reason, we support all targeted activities in anti-doping work and are committed to preventing doping.
As part of the JOINT AGAINST DOPING network, we represent values such as fair play and equal opportunities and are committed to the health of our athletes. We work closely with the German National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) to this end. Only in this way can we protect the positive values of sport.
Within the framework of JOINT AGAINST Doping, we offer athletes, trainers, parents and all other interested parties important support for clean sport.


online offerings

www.gemeinsam-gegen-doping.de offers access to important assistance (NADAmed, Beispielliste or Kölner Liste®) and extensive information for all target groups.
On the website www.nada.de you will find all relevant information on the rules and regulations (NADA code), ADAMS or the reporting requirements for test pool athletes.



The online course on doping prevention provides comprehensive anti-doping knowledge in just under 30 minutes: Click here to register.


NADA app - for on the go

NADAmed, example list, Kölner Liste® as well as current warnings and further information on the mobile phone
NADA-App for iOS
NADA-App for Android