Premiere in Duisburg: North Korea has entered for the ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup

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At the meeting of the best from 31 May to 2 June on the Wedau-Course in the Sportpark

DUISBURG (17.4.2019). The ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup in Duisburg hopes for a premiere. And this for the second time. North Korea has entered for the regatta on the Wedau-Course in Duisburg. At the races from 31 May to 2 June three athletes want to start. They will be accompanied by a trainer and two officials.

North Korea had already announced a start in Duisburg last year. But in the end they did not make it to the Wedau-Course. There were visa problems with Hungary. The first part of the World Cup season took place there. Via Szeged the three canoeists wanted to travel to Duisburg. But that was not possible.

The paddlers took part in the Talentprogramm (TIP) of the world federation and entered the Canadier disciplines. The talent promotion of the world federation serves to introduce young canoe nations to the world top. Paddlers from a total of 20 countries have applied.

Canoeists from South Korea, on the other hand, have not yet registered for Duisburg. The World Cup in the Sportpark Duisburg is organized by the Kanu-Regatta-Verein Duisburg with J├╝rgen Joachim at the top.

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