Half a racing canoe for race course director Mirko Günther

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German team thanked for the new Federal Training Centre in Duisburg

Half a racing canoe for race track boss Mirko Günther

DUISBURG (28.05.2018). Normally the German racing canoeists don't do half things. On Sunday, after the last race at the ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup at the Regatta Course Duisburg, they allowed themselves an exception. Team Germany gave a half canoe to race track manager Mirko Günther. Beautifully sawn through the length.

The Berlin Olympic champion and world champion Ronny Rauhe explained on the tribune of the Wedau course what it was all about: "We want to thank you for the excellent work and your commitment in the construction of the Federal Training Centre. The applause of the team members confirmed that Rauhe had also spoken from their hearts.

The boat should find a place on one of the walls of the Training Centre. It will then combine sport on the water with art on the construction site. Mirko Günther is allowed to keep a congratulations sign with the signatures of the German top paddlers for himself. But he probably won't. Visibly moved by the more than only nice gesture Günther the praise immediately passed on: "That is not my merit, but all my people here from the course helped. They deserve the thanks as much as I do." It therefore seems very unlikely that Mirko Günther will hang his thank-you over his bed.

After almost two years of construction, the Federal Canoeing Centre was completed in time for the World Cup with 600 canoeists from 52 countries. The federal, state and city governments invested 9.6 million euros in it. The first interest was paid this weekend. The canoeing world praised the Duisburg location. Simon Toulson, General Secretary of the International Canoe Federation ICF, spoke of a "premium competition venue". The organizers of the Kanu-Regatta-Vereins Duisburg received much recognition for a perfectly prepared competition. The German canoeists felt so at home in Duisburg that they won six gold medals.


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